B I O :
Born and raised in Brittany, I worked as a photographer and lived in Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and now London since 2001. 
Education: I have an art and photography background (Ecole des Beaux Arts, France) and worked as a free-lance photographer for many 
E D U C A T I O N :
2023 Royal College of Art MA Ceramics & Glass
2022: HNC glass, Morley College,  with Distinction
2020: HND Ceramics,Morley College,  with Distinction
2017: Diploma in Art and Design Putney School of Art (London)
E X I B I T I O N S , A W A R D S  &  S H O R T L I S T S :
2024: Ceramic Art London
2024: Collect Art fair with Cynthia Corbett Gallery
2023: Group Exhibition Hubbub, Bermondsey Project Space, London UK
2023: Blanc de Chine ICAA (International Ceramic Art Award) Hangzhou China
2023: Olymp'Arts 2023 online exhibition
2022: Young Masters Exhibition, Cynthia Corbett Gallery
2022: "Commended" in the 'New Graduate Review’
2021: Fresh, British Ceramics Biennal, Stoke-on-Trent
2021: New Designer, London shortlisted for  the Belmond Award in 2021
Organic form and mineral substance
Still-life and movement
A marriage of photography and ceramics
With light as the master of ceremony

I work with black or white porcelain and glass. I like the contrast between the strength of the material and its apparent fragility. I extrude and construct forms that are born from stress, pressure and tension. Volutes and corollas are created by the movement of clay under constraint. It is like seeing the birth of a living organism, growing and developing in accelerated motion under my eyes, as if filmed in time-lapse motion. This expression of movement then literally “turns into stone”, hard and brittle. Yet, it remains delicate, as if ready to freely move again with the flow. Supple and graceful, it is like an algae covered again by the high tide or a whirl of smoke. Life appears suddenly suspended, or time stopped. Looking at the photography of a frozen movement, the mind projects the “after” and imagines the subject springing to life. Each of my piece is intricate, and intriguing. Nothing moves when you watch it, but it feels like it does as soon as you look away and it looks different when you look at it again. 
Born and raised in Brittany, I worked as a photographer after art school and lived in Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and now London since 2001, where I studied ceramics. Nothing may seem more apart than ceramics and photography, yet I have discovered similarities between both practices: the suspenseful period while you develop your film or wait for your kiln to cool down, the need to step back and adopt the distance of a photographer's eye in ceramics, the sensual dimension of printing in photography. 
I can’t help but see my ceramics through the lenses of my camera. I magnify intricate details, play with light and perspective, erase the context: the result is more mystery, a loss of reality. This discovery process inspires me for the next piece of ceramics, which in turns provides the subject for my next series of photographs.
I sell both the ceramic/glass pieces and their photographs (signed limited-editions in large high-quality prints), together or separately.
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